NetForm International, founded in 1997, is an award-winning, innovative enterprise software company that licenses its capabilities in B2B and B2C environments. The company is a leader in this area, building on over twenty-five years of research and consulting experience.

NetForm maps and measures social capital in a business enterprise. NetFormís novel approach says more about how to monetize trust and less about monitoring email traffic. NetForm has developed easy-to-implement net-native business solutions that map, analyze and measure knowledge networks.  From this diagnostic, a firmís performance may be prognosticated. For the first time, firms have a direct and accountable measure of their ROI in terms of human and social capital. Itís not just the training and skills that go into developing a person; itís how that person is strategically connected in networks and placed in a work environment.

How do we do it?  NetForm identifies the critical carriers of knowledge, the DNA of culture, by identifying and diagnosing the cultural genome of an organization.

Since the newly quantified asset is intellectual, not traditional capital, what are the inherent liabilities and risks?  As in any utility there are risks inherent in structure: degradation, infiltration and corruption. NetForm can identify potential risks to a firmís valuable intellectual asset.  Conceivably this new form of  risk metrics could be used to insure and protect against loss or disease through effective gene splicing before acquired organizational immune deficiencies have a chance to spread and cause real damage. The value-add of reducing risk for effective and efficient transmission of knowledge within single, multiple or merged cultures is the true management of tacit knowledge.

Since the asset is intellectual, what are the benefits? Social capital has been the missing link in the performance equation that only valued human capital (skills, talents and experience) as measured hierarchically.  The very nature of traditional performance measures is limited and only half-right. Now by adding together the social and human capital measures, the intellectual capital of any firm can be asserted, assessed and quantified. NetForm takes the uncertainty out of managerial practice by making these ďintangibleĒ assets tangible and the management of them and their associated risks a reality.

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