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Picture 2004 Every Friday afternoon at 4PM EST commencing October 1.

Picture 2003 Bureau of National Affairs Radio (Designing Organizations)
Picture 2002 NPR “The Connection” (Office Workplace)
Picture 2001 WGBH “New World Report”(Terrorism )


Picture 1999    “Social Capital” Steelcase HotHouse Marketing
Picture 1998    “Practical Applications of SNA” Statoil Training
Picture 1997    “Organizational Network Analysis” IBMCG Marketing
Picture 1996    “Informal Networks” TRW Training
Picture 1995    “Strategic Misalignment” Stanford Executive Briefing Series

Print and Web:

Picture 2005, “The Inclusive Leader” (chapter on the life and work of Karen Stephenson) (forthcoming, Jossey-Bass)
Picture 2005, Stephenson, K. A Quantum Theory of Trust, (forthcoming, FT Prentice Hall)
Picture 2004, Stephenson, K. “Toward a Theory of Government” Demos.
Picture 2004, Stephenson, K, “Space: A Dialectic Frontier”, Reveal (IIDA)
Picture 2004, Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge,eds. Haviland, Prins, Walrath, McBride, (Wadsworth Publishing House). Chapter 7, page 201(featuring the work of Dr. Stephenson with IBM)
Picture 2003, Strategy and Business, “The Quantum Theory of Trust”, by Art Kleiner
Picture 2003, Chief Executive, “From the Ant Farm” by Catherine Fredman
Picture 2003, Exame, (Brazil), March issue
Picture 2003, ElearningPost: http://www.elearningpost.com/features/archives/001962.asp
Picture 2003, Stephenson, K., “Introduction of Human Resources Organization Charts”, HR Architect: Tools to Design the HR Organization, Bureau of National Affairs, Inc, Washington, D.C.
Picture 2002, Management Magazine “Network Management”
Picture 2001, CIO Magazine, “Meet the New Innovation Generation” (innovation award)
Picture 2001, WorkForce Magazine, “Studying the World Beneath the Org Chart” by Robert Rosner.
Picture 2001, Wired , “Guilt by Association,” (December)
Picture 2001, Wall Street Journal (US, Asia and Europe), “Decoding Your Corporate DNA"
Picture 2001, Handelsblatt (Germany), by Silke Tittel
Picture 2001, The Los Angeles Times, “Unraveling Workplace Intrigue” by Reed Thomas.
Picture 2001, Newsday, “The Corporate Provocateur”
Picture 2001, The London Times, “The Mayan Guide to Business” by Sanjida O’Connell
Picture 2001, Washington Post, “Disconnect the Dots” by Joel Garreau
Picture 2000, The New Yorker, “Designs for Working” by Malcolm Gladwell.
Picture 2000, Training Magazine, “The Queen of Between”
Picture 1999, Fast Company, "The Really Big Picture"
Picture 1999, Knowledge Management, "It Takes a Chemist"
Picture 1998, CIO Magazine, "Mapping the Invisible Workplace" by Carol Hildebrand
Picture 1998, WSJ, “The Corporate Jungle” by Eleena De Lisser
Picture 1998, Stephenson, K., "What Knowledge Tears Apart"
Picture 1998, Fast Company, "Unit of One" by Anna Muoio
Picture 1997, Forbes "Who's Mentoring Whom?", by Tim Ferguson
Picture 1996, Stephenson and Lewin, "Managing Workforce Diversity: Macro and Micro  Level HR Implications of Network Analysis" in the International Journal of Manpower, 17(4/5)  168-196.
Picture 1996, The Economist, "Making Companies Efficient"
Picture 1996, Gartner Group, “Findings”
Picture 1989, Stephenson and Zelen, "Rethinking Centrality", Social Networks (11)1:39.

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