Knowledge Management

An organization’s intellectual capital – its collective knowledge and experience – is its most valuable and invisible asset. This means that locating and retaining knowledge workers is the single most important challenge for any company competing in the changing environment. Why?
Knowledge capital is often untapped capital because it resides entirely within the people of the organization who are connected in invisible “informal” networks.

NetForm provides a range of products and services that allows your organization to visualize and diagnose the informal networks and thereby leverage the human knowledge capital embedded in those networks for a  variety of strategic initiatives.

Since business is only as good as its next idea, executives and managers must methodically, efficiently and strategically mine knowledge capital  to guide innovation. Our methodology tells them what actions and it what order those actions are to be taken to close the gap between the present (as is) and future (should be) states.


Articles available online:

Most of the following documents are presented in Adobe pdf format.  For viewing these documents, Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed.  
Picture An Anthropologist’s Angst
By Karen Stephenson
Picture Network Management
By Karen Stephenson
Picture Making a Virtual Organization Work
By Karen Stephenson and Stephan H. Haeckel
Picture What Knowledge Tears Apart, Networks Make Whole
By Karen Stephenson
Don't Merge Without a Map
Dialogue talks with Karen Stephenson
Designs for Working
By Malcom Gladwell
New Yorker, Dec 12, 2000
Disconnect the Dots
J. Garreau, Washington Post September 17 2001
Space A Dialectic Frontier
By Karen Stephenson
Karen Stephenson's Quantum Theory of Trust
By Art Kleiner, Strategy + Business issue 29

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