A NetForm Analysis is entirely web-based and consists of five phases:


Phase 1:  Project Scope

During this phase, the general parameters and objectives of the NetForm project are defined in conjunction with the client. What are the symptoms and what are the likely probably causes? During this phase, sample composition, network question selection, project objectives and who will have access to project results are discussed and decided.

Phase 2:  Communication Strategy

During this phase, NetForm issues and deploys a communication packet and opens a survey website for the client. NetForm works directly with client to ensure the integrity and privacy of data collection, web site logistics (intranet or internet), response rates and communication strategies for the sample population. 

Phase 3:  NetForm Survey Deployment

NetForm and client deploy the data collection module.  During this phase, the designated population will receive a notification directing them to the survey site along with instructions for its completion.

Phase 4:  Data Analysis and Results Web Site

NetForm data analysis commences immediately at data collection closure and is completed instantaneously. The NetForm engine benchmarks the results against its database and hosts and posts the diagnosis and recommended prescriptions to a password protected website.

Phase 5:  Prescription and Next Steps

NetForm develops with the client specific interventions beyond those recommended and suggests a follow-up strategy to measure desired objectives as well as calculate ROI.

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