NetForm International is web-based and licenses its software to provide solutions in B2C and B2B environments in five areas of expertise:

METRICS: Itís not that existing individual and organizational performance metrics are wrong when things donít work - itís because they were only half right in the first place. NetForm identifies and measures the social capital of the human network and when this is added to more traditional human capital metrics (360 reviews), the whole of work is captured in a more robust performance equation. Outcomes are effective assimilation of new hires, enhanced retention of old hires and the cross-validation of existing succession plans.

RE-ORGANIZING: NetForm provides both strategic and tactical guidance systems for mergers (pre- and post-merger), acquisitions, divestitures and transformations. When things donít change after the reorganization has been executed, itís because the boxes on the organization were changed but the networks were not. Pre-emptive diagnosis before the planned changes avoids these costs later down the line.  But if you are already down that re-engineered road, then accurate diagnosis is key to righting problems that crop up.  Outcomes are employee engagement around the rapid adoption and adaptation of organizational restructuring, improved process improvement and learning, and a strategic map for managers and executives to guide their leadership.

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT: NetForm identifies the cultural genome within any organized social body.  By seeding, slicing and splicing new messages into existing ones and placing them with the DNA carriers (Hubs, Gatekeepers and Pulsetakers) of the cultural code, you can virtually guarantee rapid diffusion.  Outcomes are the identification of the next generation of change agents, accurate communications and the complete saturation throughout the corporate population in a record period of time.

WORKPLACE PLANNING: Mobility becomes less relevant in ďfast companiesĒ than directionality, e.g., running to, not away, from problems.  This means that the trust that holds work groups together can be stretched through space like a rubber band and distributed to areas where the knowledge is most needed.  So the solution to workplace planning is often not more space, but smarter space. NetForm works with you to develop metrics for the evaluation of workplace performance pre- and post-occupancy.

RISK: Fraud is innovation that just went too far.  How can we detect early fraud within our ranks, rein them in and turn them around?  NetForm identifies these early intellectual mavericks and makes a determination as to whether they should be sanctioned or salvaged.

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