Engine Crossheads

NETFORM has developed a unique cold forming process for diesel engine crossheads that reduces system costs. The crossheads are cold formed and ready to use. No machining is necessary, with all surfaces being asformed. Crossheads are also heattreated to provide the required wear characteristics.

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Technical Information

  • Materials: 1010-1035 & HSLA’s
  • Typical Sizes:  Up to 100mm Length x 25mm Height
  • As-Formed Features:  All
  • Surface Finish Pad & Pockets 0.8µm
  • Convexity of Pad and/or Pockets available
  • Engine Braking Features available
  • Heat Treatment:  Carbonitride
  • Hardness:   88-93 HR15N surface typical
  • Core Hardness:  75HRB Minimum
  • Case Depth:   0.30mm typical


Cold Forming

Cold forming (also called cold forging or coining is a process where material is transformed into new shapes at room temperate in high-tonnage presses.

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