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Cold Forming

Cold forming, also known as cold forging or coining, is a press-based forging process in which the workpiece is formed at near room temperature. Using a combination of metal preform, special tooling and mechanical presses, unique complex components can be formed.

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Flowforming is a cold forming process in which a set of roller tools apply pressure to a rotating workpiece over a mandrel tool to form a symmetrical part. The rollers deform the preform, forcing it against the tool (also known as a mandrel), axially lengthening and radially thinning the material.

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Press Based Tube Forming

NETFORM’s press-based tube forming refers to the forming of a tube from a flat blank using multiple press hits. The forming process is then followed by a laser welding operation to generate the finished tubular product.

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NETFORM has industry leading expertise in machining of cold formed components. This provides customers with components that are not just stronger, but finished and ready for use.

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