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Tooling Manufacture and Prototype Services

Who we are

NETFORM-Alton is a leading manufacturer of precision custom components to a wide variety of industries. We provide manufacturing services for Tool & Die, low volume manufacturing, prototyping and custom machined parts and assembly components.

Here at Netform-Alton we don’t just make prototype or machine parts, we partner with you at every step, from concept to completion.

Our competitive pricing and start-to-finish support are just the beginning…

Working with us you will see the difference of working with a true manufacturing partner. As a premier job shop specializing in full-service milling, turning, and EDM services, Alton offers a multitude of manufacturing solutions. Our impressive expertise and capabilities enable us to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Commitment to quality, continuous improvement and on-time delivery has made Alton a preferred provider to business partners.

Small Batch Runs

From 1 part to 100+ parts…

Whether it is a single part or a larger quantity order NETFORM Alton can provide the machined components you need.

Starting from either a print or a solid model, components can be manufactured to your requirements.

Discount pricing is available for higher volume orders and/or repeat orders.

Tooling Manufacture

NETFORM Alton is an established provider of tooling to both stamping and cold forming industries.

Using in-house manufacturing capabilities, the following are typical products manufactured: die sets, punches, stools, inserts, retaining plates, spools, drivers

Typical tooling size:

1” to 14” diameter


Tool steel, alloy carbon steel

Wire EDM

NETFORM Alton has the ability to precision wire EDM in-house.

Wire EDM provides a viable alternative to traditional machining when tight tolerances and low volumes are combined.

Suitable for all types of product ranges from prototypes up to small production runs.

Max workpiece size:

40” x 24” x 12”

Max cutting envelope:

22” x 14” x 12”

Typical tolerance capability:

+/- .0002”


Carbon steel, stainless steel, alloys,
aluminum, tool steels and more.

CNC Milling

Low to high volume milling requirements can be addressed at NETFORM Alton. Working from either prints or solid models, CAD/CAM integration tools are utilized to generate the required machining programs.

Max. workpiece size:

50”L x 20”W x 20”H.

Typical tolerance capability:

+/- .0004


Non-ferrous aluminum, copper, brass, and Monel®, ferrous metals including a wide range of steels.

Grinding & Polishing

For products with tolerances that exceed those typically possible with milling and turning, NETFORM Alton offers both surface and OD/ID grinding capabilities.

Surface Grinding (3 – Surface Grinders)

  • 12” x 36” Max workpiece
  • Thickness Tolerance : +/- .00015
  • Surface Flatness: +/-.0002

OD Grinder (1 – OD Grinder)

  • 10” Max Diameter x 48” L x 18” D Workpiece

ID Grinder (1 – ID Grinder)

  • 16” Diameter x 21” L x 18” D Workpiece
  • Typical tolerances: +/-0.0002 in.
  • 2L-4L polished surface finish.


Whatever your fabrication needs, NETFORM Alton can support you. Structures such as frames, guarding and welded assemblies are examples of typical fabrications supplied.

Water jet cutting, laser cutting, welding, bending and shearing services are also available.


Assembly is another service provided by NETFORM Alton. Small to medium size assemblies used in the machine building business is a common area for this type of work. However, this capability can be applied to any industry.

  • No maximum quantity of parts to be assembled
  • Maximum assembled weight of ~5000 lbs
  • 2000 Sq Ft of dedicated shop assembly area


The complete service capabilities required to supply prototype metal components are available at NETFORM Alton.

These services include:

  • CAD model generation
  • Product design & engineering
  • Component manufacture
  • Outside service project management
  • Part Inspection/validation

Reverse Engineering

When parts are needed and no drawing exists, we can help. Provide a sample part and we can measure the existing part and create a 3D Model and print to be manufactured from.

As part of our capabilities, we provide CMM inspection services. Whether we manufactured the part, or it was procured from another shop we can provide inspection services and supply a complete report out for one or all dimensions of your part.

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The NETFORM approach can help you reduce emissions, improve performance and drive profitability.

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