Valve Retainers

NETFORM has developed a unique cold forming process for valve spring retainers. The valve retainers are cold formed ready to use.

No machining is necessary, with all surfaces being as-formed. Retainers are also heat-treated to provide the required wear characteristics. Over 12 million valve retainers a year are produced, with a long history of zero PPM years and zero warranty claims.

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Technical Information

  • Materials: 1010-1035 & HSLA’s
  • Diameter:  Up to 40mm typical
  • Height:  Up to 8mm typical
  • As-Formed Features:  All
  • Heat Treatment:  Carbonitride
  • Hardness:   88-92 HR15N surface typical
  • Case Depth:   0.25mm typical


Cold Forming

Cold forming (also called cold forging or coining is a process where material is transformed into new shapes at room temperate in high-tonnage presses. 

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