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NETFORM makes its customers successful by working closely with customer engineers as early as possible in programs. Understanding product issues and requirements lead to the generation of novel designs with reduced weight, increased strength and lower costs.

What is a customer tech day?

In a nutshell, an NETFORM customer tech day is a technical presentation and display booth brought to your facility. Setup to allow visits at any time during the day, it is of interest to engineering and purchasing teams. On-demand technical seminars are available, to review unique technology components, such as motor housing, rotor carriers and E motor shaft components. In addition, our engineers will be on hand to discuss any technical issues of concern. Finally, parts will be on display for review and discussion

What to expect?

  • Parts on display
  • Process videos
  • Technical seminars
  • Design reviews

On-Demand Seminars

We have prepared presentations and videos relating as to how NETFORM’s cold-forming expertise can be applied to a variety of powertrain components. Below is a list of typical available seminars:

  • Flowformed EV rotor shafts with advanced cooling capabilities
  • Lightweight, stamped rotor shaft manufacturing process
  • Lightweight, stator housings for EV applications
  • Lightweight, flowformed differential cases
  • Large diameter cold-formed carrier for hybrid applications
  • Lightweight, flowformed rotor carrier
  • Press-formed bi-direction hubs manufacturing process
  • Press-formed splined hubs manufacturing process

Design reviews

Our engineers will be ready for one-on-one discussions about your challenges that need solutions. Bring cross sections and solid models –this will then allow working whiteboard discussions to take place.

Interested in setting up a tech day?

Contact us to discuss your requirements